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How To Figure Out Your Skin Type? Types And Methods

It is very necessary to understand your skin type. Using any product on your skin can harm your beauty and cause many skin problems. You should know the difference between various skin types and how can you figure out yours. Thus the very first thing to know is to get knowledge of skin types.

What are the three common types of skin?

 skin type
  • Oily Skin is the most common skin type. If you notice excessive oil on your skin after some time even after washing your face, you have oily skin. Oily skin is caused when the sebum started to prone and started to fill the pores on your face. However People who stay a long out of the house may have oily skin type.
  • Dry skin is the second most common type. It is affected mainly when there is low hydration in the body, no balanced diet, and no skincare. If your skin feels tight all day long and you observe patches and roughness on it, you may have dry skin. Dry weather, low humidity, and climate change also cause dry skin.
  • A combination of both dry and oily skin is not usually common. As we see the emerging climate change in the environment it can be said to be rare skin type.. If you notice a balanced amount of oil only on the forehead and nose, you have a combination of dry and oily skin types.

 Tactics to figure out your skin type

 skin type
  • The tissue pad technique is the easiest way to figure out your skin type. Wash your face with gentle face cash or cleanser. Dry your face gently by patting it with a soft cloth. After 25 to 30 minutes tap a tissue on the face. If you see no oil on tissue paper, your skin is dry. If you notice a little bit of oil from the forehead and nose area, you have a combination of skin types. And if you notice a lot of oil from the whole face, hence your skin is oily.
  •  The close mirror look method is also an essential way for knowing your skin type. If you see your pores very visible and notice a shine on your skin, you have oily skin. When you see no pores or it’s hard to see them, you have dry skin. If you see little pores, you have a combined skin type.
  • The bare skin technique is based on how you feel about your skin. If you feel too moisturized skin, it’s oily. If you feel tightness and itchiness on your face after washing, it must be dry skin. While if you feel nothing and smooth skin, you have a combination of skin types.
  • See your dermatologist, if you have some serious skin problems. Using any product as a solution is dangerous. Thus consult a doctor to know your skin type and related treatment.   
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