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My Skincare Routine For Fall Season

As the fall season comes with too much excitement, it also brings a lot of skin reactions. The season brings a wave of happiness and calmness. But on the other hand, the skin reacts differently when it comes. The humidity level goes down, due to which we notice our skin going dry and rough. Our skin loses its sensitivity in this season and gains skin issues. The upper layer of skin forms dryness and dandruff, while the inner gets dehydrated. Thus it is vital to keep the skin in its shape and provide it nourishment to tackle the changing weather. You can follow the skincare routine for fall that we have brought to solve all your queries.

1. Use lighter cleanser for sensitive skin


As the fall begins, people with sensitive skin feel irritation and redness on the skin. The low humidity in the air affects the skin with roughness and itchiness. People with skin conditions like; eczema also feels burning and irritating effects on the skin. Thus to keep your skin up to the season, so upgrade your cleanser or face wash to a lighter one.

2. Use moisturizer regularly in the fall

Use moisturizer regularly in the fall

Your dry skin needs moisture in this season. You left your skin naked and dandruff takes its entry. The moisturizers contain healing agents which help to heal rough and dull skin. Thus it is very important to apply moisturizer on your skin after every wash. It softens the skin and also gives a glowing effect to it.

3. Use SPF sunscreen regularly


Whether it is summer or not, the sun is always on its duty. It is a must to apply SPF sunscreen in fall season on daily basis. It not only keeps your skin soft but also protects it from sunlight and UV radiation. Do apply sunscreen whenever you go out.

4. Protect your lips from fall

Protect your lips from fall

As the weather changes, with time your lips also go through ups and downs. The lips get dry and patchy in the fall season. To avoid your lips from dryness, keep using a lip moisturizer. You can use petroleum jelly or any lip balm to keep them soft and hydrated.  

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