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Privay Policy


Go through our privacy policy for any query about security. https://taizmind.com brings you the most secured experience with our site. This specific page is designed to informs you all of policies and securities regarding the collection of your personal information and how we use it.
https://taizmind.com gives our users knowledge about all your searches. Find all the trendy information about health, beauty, fitness, sports, real estate, travel, and many more. Enjoy interesting content with no worries. Because we assure to provide 100% secure interaction with our viewers. Your data is just used to make improvements to our website.

We use Cookies Policy

There will be“cookies” tags on your visit to our site. Cookies are the files that are designed to know the ser information, how and what they are using, how many times he/she had viewed an ad, and their clicks. It analyzes the countable liking of viewers about our services and functionality.
We use user cookies to provide a better experience of our services. It accesses your IP address, mobile model number, unique user ID, and information about your carrier. However all of your information is saved and secured within our company premises. We use this information for building up best services for our website and to support good customer analyses as we assure best customer care. No acceptance of cookies will not give you access to some parts of our website.


We are using other advertising platforms to target a good amount of existing and new audience. We share advertisement campaigns from various social media networks, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Advertising campaigns to spice up engagements to a higher level.
We offer third party support to other platforms for engaging users. We show these advertisements under our services to facilitate the parties for providing campaigns through other platforms like; Facebook and Twitter. Thus to give our audience their type of advertisements, we access their IP address and device information. While on the other hand, this information about our audience is secured and possibly could not face disclosure in any case.

Affiliated Disclosure

We allow other websites to share their product advertisement on our website. The merchants from the specific platform share their links to their products that pop up on your screen. These platforms can include, Amazon, Ali Express, Ebay, and Alibaba or others. Affiliate disclosure helps to target more traffic toward the website.
The policy collects your personal data, uses it and store it find out the preferences of our users. You could directly reach to the description of the products by clicking on the links. The links also have cookies to track clicks of our audience which allows more engagement with new users. The data collected of our audience is just used here to quality our services.
Links to External websites
We use links of other platforms and third parties to offer their services. We share some external links on our websites for audience engagement. These third parties have their own privacy policy to which we do not have any link. You should check out their privacy policies too for protection of any scam. We do not take any kind of responsibility of your personal data security on these links. Thus do go through their policies to avoid any inconvenience. We also welcome you share your feedback on these websites, so that we can provide a better costumer support system for their data security.

User Security

It is our responsibility to keep your data secure. The protection of our user’s personal information is important to us. We assure to take care of your data to protect is from disclosure and secure it in our electronic storage. Personal data of our user will not be stolen and lost as we limit the excess to any unauthorized entity.
On the other hand, we do not take responsibility of data accessed by any third party. They have their own privacy policy; we cannot take 100% guarantee foe security of your personal information. We may inform our viewers about the unauthorized users by popping up written tags on your electronic device or by sending email. If you have access to create an account on our website, it is your responsibility to keep your data and password confidential. Inform us about leak password or any other information in case of any inconvenience; so that we call resolve it on time to maintain security policy of our audience.

Privacy Policy change

It is important to make variations in privacy policy for building a better security system. We will be updating our privacy policy time to time for gaining good reviews and guides. These variations will not affect your secured data. The personal information of our users will be stored in our electronic storage with 100% security. We will notify our audience about each update in our policies. We also welcome you to share review on these changes.

GDPR and California policy

We provide the access of our privacy policy according to our user’s priorities. General Data Protection Regulations are applied globally throughout the world on our website. We take proper care of the security of personal information of our audience. Your data is only used according to the law.
Some places like California follows a different kind of privacy policy. It may ask for identifiers like; your name, postal code, postal address, emails address, IP address, internet device info, and social security number. Along with that, it includes; electronic and sensory data, network activity info, commercial info, and professional data.

3rd Party Privacy Policy

The third parties have their own privacy policies. We do not take responsibility of the security of your personal data on other sites. It is important for you to check out third party’s privacy policy for the security of your data. It is on users to enable or disable the cookies on other websites and authorities. While any information posted about other parties would be removed, if it is posted without our consent.

Children Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA)

Taizmind do not access the personal information, contacts or web history from our customers. We act in accordance with the Online Privacy Policy Act of Children. Our website is designed to adhere the data of our clients under the age of 13 and shows a pop up to acknowledge their privacy. We take parental consent to access the information of children under 13. If you have any query regarding Children Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

In case of any inconvenience or change, we invite our users to share their queries with us. If you have any kind of question, idea, complaint, or reservation about your personal data, you are allowed to contact us.
Email: contact@taizmind.com
Phone & Whatsapp: +92 326 4061074