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Why Do Teenagers Get Acne? Reasons And Solutions

The most frequent skin problem that is faced by teenagers is acne. Acne is a skin issue that causes pimples, nodules, and pores mainly on the face, chest, or shoulders. Youngsters and teenagers get acne very commonly because of their sloppy behavior. They do not follow a good lifestyle and do not care much about their skin. Acne can also be caused genetically. Hormonal changes in teenagers or due to bad family history. About 70% to 80% of teenagers are affected by acne. Here are some of the reasons why teenagers get acne so much and how can we solve them.

1. Few causes why teenagers get acne

  • As teenagers are at the point of hitting puberty which leads to many hormonal changes in their bodies. In that case, they usually face problems with their bodies. These problems can be related to skin or other issues with their physique. 
  • Another reason why teenagers get acne is that they may have a history of skin diseases in their family heritage. Their parents may also have faced acne and other skin problems in their life.
  • The most common reason why teenagers get acne so much is they do not follow good eating and drinking habits. Their everyday diet may not have nutrition according to their need. However, they may eat junk food and spicy food in their routine.
  • Many young people do not care about their skin. They do not have a skincare routine or may not be concerned for their skin which leads to many skin problems.

 2. What are the best solutions for acne?

  1. Use acne treatment products; teenagers should use acne serum or creams in their daily routine to treat troubled skin. Trying any skin product can be harmful.
  2. Change your cosmetics; it is vital to check your makeup before buying it. You should use “non-comedogenic” products on your skin to cure acne. Also, use SPF 30 sunscreen daily before going out.
  3. Balance your diet; your body needs good nutrition. You should eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables in excessive amounts. Drinking a good amount of water daily also helps to tackle skin problems.
  4. Follow the skincare regime; it can be daily or weekly. You can go natural by using home remedies thrice a week or you can follow a daily nighttime skincare routine. 
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