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Clay Masks Vs Pore Strips; solves skin problems?

When you ask about blackheads people generally recommend to use clay masks and pore strips. Both of these are effective blackheads removing products. Various factors caused blackheads and whiteheads. It must be environmental or hormonal. Pollution, impurities in the air, and other medical conditions are the causes. Thus to remove them, there is a need to use some special skin products like clay masks or pore stripes. Now the thing we have to examine is which one is better. How do clay masks and pore strips work? What are their qualities? And, How do they affect our skin? To know all these questions, read the article from top to bottom to get to a conclusion.

Clay masks for skin problems

Clay masks for skin problems
  1. Shrink Enlarged pores of the skin. A clay masks helps shrink the size of skin cells or pores. Enlarged pores are bad for the skin as they store bacteria and impurities from the environment. Hence pores then lead to many skin problems.
  2. Removes Sebum from dead skin cells. Sebum is the oil that is produced in dead skin cells due to a lack of skin care. Many environmental factors like sunlight are the reason for excess oil production.
  3. Wash out Blackheads through its anti-microbial quality. Clay masks are anti-bacterial in properties, it helps to remove blackheads. It also does not generate any irritation on the skin.
  4. Lightens complexion with its antioxidant quality. It also brightens the complexion and forms glowing skin. On the other hand, it also softens and hydrates your skin. Thus use a clay mask twice a week to get all skin problems sorted.

Pore Strips for skin issues

Clay Masks
  1. Wash out Impurities from the pores of the skin. Using a pore strip help to remove the excessive bacteria and sebum from the nose and face just like clay masks. It dries on your skin surface and the impurities stuck to it are removed instantly.
  2. Remove Blackheads in no time. As they are very sticky to your skin, they remove blackheads when you take them off. The blackheads stuck on the strips very easily.
  3. Causes irritation on the skin surface. Pore strips are too hard to remove. When you jerk it off from your skin, it generates redness and irritation.
  4. Results are time-limited for pore strips. They give satisfaction on the first use but do not give a long-term solution. It causes the pores wide open due to which more skin issues are raised.

Hence you have seen all the properties of clay masks and pore stripes, it is your decision to choose one.        

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