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5 Practical Ways To Prevent Skincare From Pilling

You have ever noticed the situation when the products you are applying on your skin do not stay? The product whether it’s a serum or a moisturizer falls off your skin. It seems that the flaky substance started to pile up just as your skin is peeling. But this process is known as pilling in the beauty industry. When you apply cosmetics or any skincare products, it started to shed after some time. It happens when the dead skin cells are not properly removed or oily sebum is left on your skin. Thus the products do not stay on your skin. To solve this issue, we can gather some practical ways to avoid skincare from pilling.

1. Exfoliate before applying


You all know that exfoliation of dead skin cells is too important. You should exfoliate your skin by applying scrubs or cleansers almost three times a week. It will wash out all the impurities and oily substances from the dead skin cells. Thus you apply skincare products freely without any tension of pilling

2. Use the “dab dab’ technique


Keep this technique in your mind when you apply products to your skin. You should always gently dab the product on your skin instead of rubbing it all over. This method will help the skin to absorb the product and it will not just stay on.

3. Wait to avoid pilling

Wait to avoid pilling

There is no hurry in skincare. Gently put products on your skin and wait for a minute. Over-applying causes pilling. Give one product some time to absorb and then go ahead for the next step. 

4. Balance the quantity


It is important to take care of the quantity of product you are using. You can face pilling if you use too much of the product. So when you are going to apply moisturizer or anything, take it in less quantity.

5. Check products to avoid pilling

Check products to avoid pilling

Whenever you buy new skincare products roll your eyes at the labels. It is vital to read the ingredients of your products. Try to avoid products that contain silicon. Silicon is not good for your skin because it always stays on top of your skin and never absorbs. Also do not talcum products on your skin, as it also causes pilling.  

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