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Dry Skin Patches, Causes And Symptoms

People with dry skin do face the issue of having patches. They can be massive and small only in a certain area. It forms not only on the face but on any part of the body. Everyone with dry skin had them on a different area of skin. Dry skin is the most familiar skin issue. It is caused due to environmental changes and no self-care. Your body gets dehydrated and your skin becomes rough and cranky. Then it leads to other problems like; patches and dandruff. Your skin becomes hard and started to peel off. It also leads to irritation and itchiness. Thus if you are facing patches on your dry skin, here are the causes and symptoms of it.

1. Smoking causes patches

Smoking causes patches

A person who smokes on regular basis does have many skin problems. Whereas smoking makes the skin look dull and dry. It also causes wrinkles and aging on the skin. Thus smoking leads to the formation of patches on the skin. It looks like a cracked white spot all over the skin.

2. Dehydration is a big issue


Staying along your hectic daily routine makes your skin dehydrated. With a lot of workloads, you do not drink a good amount of water. Thus your body and skin need a nutritious amount of water such as 8 glasses a day. It will not only hydrate your skin but also boosts your metabolism and avoids your dry skin from patches.

3. Exposure to extreme environment


You need to take some necessary precautions before going out. Extreme weather conditions also affect your dry skin. The dry and cold air causes dry skin patches very quickly. Your skin feels crack from all over. Hence protect your skin with soft clothes, gloves, and a face mask.

4. Overly Washing cause patches

Overly Washing cause patches

Your hands and feet are very sensitive if you have dry skin. Skin is already dry in winter. But when you wash your hands and feet again and again it makes patches on the skin. Thus avoid overly washing the skin with different soaps. Use a suitable soap only for your skin.

5. Medical Conditions are a cause


People who do not have dry skin are also affected by patches due to some medical conditions. People with Eczema and dermatitis also face this problem. On the other hand consumption of too much medicine while you are sick also leads to skin problems.

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