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Best Tips To Soften Your Hands And Feet

Skincare not only includes the face and neck but consists of the whole body’s skin. Hands and feet are also important parts that need proper care. They are the most effective body parts in the changing weather. They get dry in winter and are also affected due to medical conditions. It is said that your hands and feet represent your personality. Thus it is important to take good care of them. Keeping a regular habit will not only make them soft but also brightens them up. Hence we have some amazing tips that help you to keep your hand and feet soft every time.

1. Avoid hot water bath

hands and fee

You feel cozy and good in bathing hot water in winter. But it leaves to harmful skin destruction. Your hands and feet’ skin gets dry after a hot water bath. It can also get irritated and itchy after that. Thus try o use less warm water to avoid dryness and keep the moisture maintain.

2. Give an exfoliating massage to hands and feet

Give an exfoliating massage to hands and feet

Exfoliation is not only for your face it is for all body parts. You need to exfoliate hands and feet with homemade or medicated scrubs. It will remove the dead skin fall off and keeps them soft.

3. Avoid environmental exposure

Hands And Feet

Try to cover up your hands and feet in extreme weather conditions. Whether in the brightening sunlight or the minus temperature avoid skin exposure. Wear gloves in winter and use an umbrella in summer to avoid roughness and dryness.

4. Use SPF sunscreen regularly

Hands And Feet

Sunscreen is not only for your face. Use sunscreen on your hands before going out. It will protect the skin from Ultra Violet sunlight. It also makes skin complexion on its PH and gives moisture.

5. Wear socks to avoid roughness

Hands And Feet

It doesn’t matter what weather it is. You should wear socks with shoes in winter and summer. It will give your feet protection against the devastating effects of climate. It also keeps your skin soft and bright.

6. Invest in good hands and feet cream

Hands And Feet

To provide your hands and feet valuable softness, buy moisturizing creams. Add good quality creams to your skincare. Apply them in the morning while getting ready and at the end of the day before going to bed. You would see amazing results in a few days.

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